Today I asked spirit to share with me a deeper understanding of the global wave of fear that has gripped the world. So they presented this tale, they tend to do this to free up fear with imagination. 

Imagine an old seafaring ship that sailed the seven seas hundreds of years ago in search of new horizons, they say this is what humanity is doing today. The confinement of a ship represents humanity as a collective, add the stress of an infectious disease like the corona virus. It challenges the level of response and action we take as individuals. This tale has been a reality for many people around the world, feeling trapped, isolate and questioning who is in control and how? History shows leadership towards advancement in technology and material power, yet so little experience in an emotional capacity to handle a vulnerable crowd to this capacity.

Many attempts in the coming months will be made to steer this ship through unpredictable waters. So who REALLYfits the captaincy of such an expedition… As all great story adventures of the Sea, its a quest towards uncharted waters and unqualified heroes. 

Yesterday we were accustomed to the greatest global exchange and interaction the world has ever seen. Freedom that modernisation and technology has created, free in our material comfort to interact in commonality. But wait… how is the lower deck hands going… rowing and propelling the ship towards the chosen destination? Have we evolved enough to realise we ALL play a part.

Have we all become complacent of the sleeping giant of materialism who’s slumber has been awakened, whats next? The great equaliser!
After all in this story telling, if we imagine the corona virus to represents say; the ships wheel. Its only a small part of a far bigger picture. The future sees a great stirring for the commanders of this world ship. A releasing of the grip of misused power in times of great need. At present the eyes of the world will be cast upon the level of support and compassion for the care of ALL. Accountability for not just the human species but every living creature that has been abused or misused in this story.

We have now entered into a time of stillness, part of the stories narrative that always leads to new chapters. On the shadowy side of this silence we could feel disempowered to be able to change anything that is before us, let that be ok. In the light of wisdom and reason, we can empower our desire of a great shift in power that invites a soulful heart. People will desire a voice and this freedom of Will may become loud. Let us hope that this new sense of people power will peacefully benefit ALL.

The metaphor of an ancient ocean story – water element (feminine) and a sea barring vessel (masculine energy to conquer). Reminds us that we can only surrender to the unpredictability of what we cannot control. No more than a man made made vessel can control the oceans tide.

For real change to be affective we need to embrace the silence and go within. Remaining conscious of ALL that is taking place outside of the illusion. Call upon the Divine Feminine powers assisting upon the planet like Archangel Mary or the Goddess of Isis. Ask them to assist you to awaken the divinity within you. In doing so you become the Compassion and Peace they represent. Trust in what desperately needs adjustment in this great imbalance of mankind.

We are rapidly giving birth to new, a way of the feminine force that brings tolerance, compassion and patients. So that we might surrender our old external world of mental containment and control. 

The Great tipping Point GAI Readings for Healing
Chrysocolla Crystal

The Crystalline Energy most relevant to this global transition is Chrysocolla. ‘She’ can decrease levels of stress that is creating any ailments due to imbalance. A channelling crystal to the higher realms activating intuitive forces towards all levels of Health and Wellbeing. 

Her purpose is to teach tolerance between people where kindness and humbleness lacks. ‘May truth only speak through the perfection of silence’.Most commonly when we are in transitionary periods, theres a tendency be confused, where to place energy? This is Chrysocolla’s power to bring patience to ones inner nature, to hold this sacred space of silence.

Llewellyn Major Arcana Tarot 13 Death