Over the years I have learned so much from the spirit of indigenous elders and their connections to the natural forces. My first guide was quite by accident in a meditation retreat back in 1997. He presented himself as American Indian, it became easy to relate to these beautiful spirit guides of nature as my heart joined willingly with this knowledge. Over the years I was guided through readings to ground this understanding and observe which element held the most potential within a persons creation at that pivotal point in time. This blog is a rewrite from a previous article I wrote years ago.

This natural flow of energy is within the human body’s system. Sometimes showing up as imbalance, which indicates a ‘playing it safe’, limiting a persons potential to discover more about themselves. To bring focus and visualisation to this natural concept, allows a flow of ever changing vibrations through our system, our potential is unlimited.

Below are the key points to understanding where we are working from within our process of personal/spiritual development, remembering ALL things are forever changing. Are you comfortable in one element or is there a new inner experience to explore? Whether theres a need to visit the ocean, go bare foot in a rainforest or plant a tree, climb to a high altitude and breath deeply, bask in the sun or gaze into the flame of a fire. These are all beautiful rituals that penetrate far beyond our linear thinking; ‘Your soul speaks yes I am here!’.

Stimulating these vibrations all the way through to meet the Crown Chakra, begins a dance through your field of existence, so embrace this beautiful connection. These spirits of nature teach us our creative potential, to master life within our embodiment that actually embraces a state of compassion. If there was one word that encompassed these four elements all together – it would be COMPASSION. This is the gift that reflects from Gaia into all incarnated souls, a gift of living and learning through connection.

Earth: Grounds spiritual awareness for growth, healing and expansion. ALL that is received from ‘above’ is seeded through this element. Self empowerment and reliance in an individualised state awareness. Nurturing and caring for the physical body as a sacred temple of self love. Personal wealth and the ability to manifest grows here, you never feel separated when this element is in balance.

Water: A creative element that is the source behind movement and change. A key element for emotional stability as water feels and engages in the desire to discover what cannot be seen? For some it is like a torrent, untamed or denied its truthful expression, it can rage into full force if neglected. When channelled and respected it develops care, compassion and the intuitive expression in a state of flow and trust. Water is the artists tool in all creative endeavours, whether writing, painting, or creating new concepts towards future pathways. Visualise yourself in a row boat without awes, moving where the eternal tides guides you!

Air: The breath of life engages the Will for living, it bring heightened mental clarity and intellect through, giving the higher spiritual mind a comfortable place of develop. If the breath is shallow it renders the mind to trickery and false perceptions, this is when we second guess ourselves. Oxygenation feeds the bodies system stimulating life force to continually rejuvenate. Synchronises the souls true connection to music, tone and the divine codes and patterns of life. When visiting altitudes in nature, this can strip away outdated energetic attachments. Walking is a perfect regulator.

Fire: Warming to the heart and the eternal flame, our blessed light within. When balanced ignites passion, courage and commitment to any life situation. Without this element we surrender to outside forces, loosing our potential and sovereignty. A great teacher of power that has been misused with aggression over the ages. To balance unconditional love and humility with this energy, opens the potential for change in our world that is miraculous. In spiritual work it directs the flow of energy to a given point of attraction, channelled through the envelope of a bliss state that is unconditional Love!