Day: 27 February 2020

Earths Natural Elements 1

Earths Natural Elements

Over the years I have learned so much from the spirit of indigenous elders and their connections to the natural forces. My first guide was quite by accident in a meditation retreat back in 1997. He presented himself as American Indian, it became easy to relate to these beautiful spirit guides of nature as my …

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The Sacred Sun 4

The Sacred Sun

“One morning as I basked in a warm early sunrise a beautiful spirit being presented, asking that I journey with her to a place of remembrance. Together through a current of history, we came to a place outside of perceived time, she called this Shambala. Not of Earth in a way I would imagine, yet …

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Telepathy & mental transitions 5

Telepathy & mental transitions

“Dear Mind, Have you noticed your elevated sense of awareness lately?  Yes I see more information being received from every which way! Do you understand how to stabilise and remain clear with this new influx of energy? Its surrounding your atmosphere and is not just your own thought process. As your trusted companion I strongly suggest …

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Colour Interpretations 6

Colour Interpretations

Colour brings support and healing often without us realising. People are drawn to particular colours to serve a purpose, our moods create the colours we wear (see below why), or intuitively what we need to eat. We utilise colour in life in many ways; this is your guidance system in perfect working order. Colour vibration …

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A Message from Amethyst 7

A Message from Amethyst

If your pathway is taking the inner journey of discovery lately, a great travel companion is Amethyst. She steadies the mind from the external clutter of your outer world. She’s a ‘lets go within’ friend, its all about breaking down hidden walls. Im going to begin this blog like most of my readings…. Deep!! Then …

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