Stand on the solid ground of your inner truth

About Readings for Healing

As we enter this great cusp of change, it is imperative to be open to new concepts, as this develops the inner senses towards self-empowerment.

The energy and vibration within our atmosphere offers so much, and is naturally available to everyone. Earth’s energy is strong and yielding, so standing on the solid ground of your inner truth has never been so important. It calls for courageousness to deconstruct old patterns and beliefs that longer serve. This is a magnificent opportunity for a divine purpose that enables freedom to be the change we hope to see in the world.

higher level of connection

Droplets of Thought

Are you asking reflective questions lately about your reality? These droplets of thought are an invitation from a higher level of connection to spirit that support our transformation; this is the blessed key that enables truth to rise and bring conscious awakening to the surface.
Tapping into higher knowledge cradled over lifetimes is an important process when one is ready. The gift of healing is infinitely different for each one of us. Below are just a few possible examples that may be encountered in a reading session. These sessions allow a high divine connection, supporting clients to open to their uniqueness without conditions or restraint.
  • Read and enhance future pathways to amplify true direction
  • Spiritual growth and expansion for self-realization (ascension)
  • Cleanse old mental patterns or outdated perceptions
  • Release unhealthy influence of others, vows or unhealthy bindings
  • Heal past hurts hidden in the bodies system which create undue stress
  • Aid insomnia and improve deeper dream-state (creation)
  • Self worth, higher choices aligned to divine timing
  • Relationship and chemistry cleansing (Love of self and others)
  • Clear energy entanglements or deficiencies to enhance focus
  • Align – purify inner guidance, clearing unseen sabotage


Warming to the heart, a spark of radiant light within. When balanced ignites passion and courage to any worthy course. An energy that encourages INNER TRUTH is what this element charges.


The Will for living, it is the YES element. Bringing mental clarity and intellect through the breath. Oxygenating the bodies system, stimulating life force. Synchronises the souls true connection to music and tone.


Grounds higher PRESENCE for growth and spiritual healing. Nurturing and caring for the physical body. Supports self-reliance in wealth and manifestation. You never feel separated when this element is in harmony.


A creative energy that is the power behind movement and change. A key element for emotional stability, compassion and Intuition. Enhancing flow of IMAGINATION in creative artistic concepts.

What My Clients Say?