Gai Christine

Readings for Healing

Gai is a facilitator who transmits spiritual wisdom to assist in healing and enlightening pathways. She is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual that supports people who are drawn to their potential to awaken.

An Interview with Gai Christine

by Jessica Matterson-Jones​

If any old Joe or Jane were to try to ‘read’ the psychic healer Gai Christine from first encounter, they could not ignore it: she emanates a sense of calm and humbleness, from her organic appearance to her soothing voice. As Gai expounds her own history, however, it is evident that her serenity and affability has not always been so treasured.

“When I was a child, I was always seeing figures. I lived in a rich, fantasy world, quite alone within myself except for my animal friends. In my generation, we were told, ‘don’t be silly, it’s just your imagination’.”

Like most families, the idea that there were monsters in the cupboard or under the bed was shunned as the product of a child’s wild imagination, out of which they will grow; but Gai never did. After years of bearing alone a connection with these unknown energies and entities. In her early thirties, Gai experienced a psychic jolt: one night while hosting a dinner party at home for family, friends and children. Their friends’ two teenage boys went into what Gai refers to as a ‘psychic episode’, which had them convulsing, crying and speaking telepathically with each other. They spoke as if they were the owners of the house, which filled the room with fear. As Gai recounted these events, she paused to articulate her next words mindfully.

“I experienced this shock that pushed me into my psychic abilities. Everything became real. Belief is everything.”

The house that Gai and her husband owned at that time was over a hundred years old and they had often joked about the footsteps down the hallway. But now that reality had struck, Gai was faced with the many spiritual occupants that had been circulating throughout the house for many years.

“At that time I was naive and full of fear because I didn’t understand or know anyone with this sort of knowledge to explain it all”.

Gai, now gracefully approaching mid-fifties, has reached a level of acceptance and receipt of the diverse energies that subsist beyond physical existence. She reflects that the dinner party was the “crossing over of the dead lingering around,” but she can now rest with the deep understanding she has found a realisation of her purpose: to meet in these two very different worlds. Gai went on to explain the degree of difficulty she went through at that time in connecting unwillingly to this level of spirit. Nowadays, Gai channels her abilities through high levels of spiritual conciousness, interpreting the expression of people’s souls, assisting others toward self realisation, and healing their own spiritual pathways.
“I wish to assist people in their awakening through comfort with loving vibrational energies, unlike my difficult awakening all those years ago.”

Upon being asked about the notion of reading people who are not clients, such as friends or family, Gai responded, “Never. I’ve got a strong ethic about that.” She followed this by talking about how this would be a misuse and an invasion of privacy and personal space. “I engage when I’m in reading sessions, and prefer not to engage any other time out of respect.” Gai unmistakably views each person’s path, including her own, as perpetual yet variable. She believes that everyone has the opportunity and wherewithal within themselves to become truly themselves. Her purpose is to interpret and support this process of empowering the journey for others.

“It’s really a gift to be able to help others. The only issue,” she says, smiling, “is that some people think, ‘Oh, you’re psychic, you should know that,’ but that’s not how my abilities work. I see what I am guided to work with, and the channel of energy directs me to the story for healing.”

So there will be no crystal ball with visions of a tall, handsome stranger, but rather a genuine human and spiritual connection that guides one’s soul.


Spiritual Healer/Medium

Clairvoyant Clairsentient Reader

Tarot Course and Healing Circles

Reiki Masters Qualification 2002

Liquid Mineral Practitioner 2006

Certificate IV Tarot Studies 2006

Certificate -Theta Healing 2010