Given that our world population is currently around 8 billion people, its fair to say theres a very broad perception around spiritual reality. What it means and how it plays a part in an individuals life or maybe not at all as a freewill choice.

This draws a simple conclusion that everyone is on their individualised journey, with cosmic origins just as varied as the degrees of spiritual attainment required to fulfil a life quest. 

Having said this; as a spiritual healer I understand my style of connection and work with spirit is not for everyone. The following information is how I experience and interact with the benevolent energies and source stream available to myself in this life’s work. 

The purpose of these sessions is not so much to be identify as ‘the spiritual healer’. But to be fully present and trusting in the powerful energy stream that is inherent within me (and others) as a light-worker of these times. This understanding gives birth to new possibilities in this form of alchemy beyond human interpretation. Hence why so many who are called to this style of work have frustrations around words to identify.

Transformative powers of inner reflection

Firstly: Enlightenment, Ascension and Spiritual Growth take up many forms in simple everyday living life stuff. This involves initiation through mental, physical, emotional, past life mirroring/releasing, then not to mention the contracts or agreements held with others, actually including vows we make to ourselves that we outgrow.

Source REALLY appreciates depth. The deeper you unravel your inner mysteries the subtle unnoticed qualities of you become enlivened.  Each time you practise inner work such as these sessions, your actually delivering an invitation to your spirits spark to come play. Which is great, needless to say this could be an exciting process or highly reactive to stress for a time. NO SELF JUDGEMENT!!! Ive learnt that we are incredibly clever at hiding emotional things from our own self, a legacy of misplaced and confused bloodlines. Its the great battle worthy of your attention to clear an heal.

In most sessions Spirit guides me to begin at the spine. It holds a massive network of energy of ALL of the souls existence from past, present and future. Its likened to a piano, releasing colourful frequency and tone through a session. It should always be constantly reshaping to evolve this subtle movement into life experience, otherwise life is a groundhogs day.

Whether I am looking at a spine in office in physical presence or remotely anywhere around the globe. As soon as I have tuned in and focused, spirit shows me where they are working. Immediately this activates new vibrational tone running through the networking system. Charging the electrical currents that feed a souls world into human form. This is an array of interconnecting channels far beyond simple human comprehension. Still not understood completely by science yet the echoes of India’s Saints honoured the subtle energy bodies so long ago.

Most people naturally have a desire to know whats going on in their immediate material world. To be honest this ‘need’ is quite unconscious to the truth behind the souls desire to know different more in-depth things that assist self empowered actions. So much more is always going on than realised, yet most people say “I know there’s change in me, I just don’t know how or what!” Misfortune, worries or loss is often a formula of initiation of a far deeper development.

Its sometimes difficult to witness the elation of the realm of spirit, overjoyed at an individuals progress. While the same person is expressing despair of what they perceive as their broken mixed up world.

Words of exchange: The realm of spirit invites people to hear certain words and tones of communication that break repetitive patterns or complete cycles. Often questions are asked not for my ears but for people to hear and register their own responses. Its like tearing out old pages of an autobiography that are no longer beneficial for positive creation. Communicating in this way allows people to read their own reading, that way the soul remains in positive control of free will. Otherwise that depth of you can feel cheated out of incomplete experience.

This blog could just keep going as theres such broad variations between each client that trigger different techniques. But I most certainly cannot close this blog without mentioning the crystalline energies that channel colour frequency and blessings to each client whether remotely or in office contact with blended remedies.

Alchemy in Crystalline formula

My understanding of the colour rays of this world is nothing short of divine intervention and integration. It is my belief that these beings of radiating light will soon be recognised by many more incarnated souls as our pathway towards soul recognition becomes the key ingredient to living life whole heartedly.

Blessings to you and your discoveries.