Telepathy and Mental Transition

“Dear Mind,

Have you noticed your elevated sense of awareness lately? 

Yes I see more information being received from every which way! Do you understand how to stabilise and remain clear with this new influx of energy? Its surrounding your atmosphere and is not just your own thought process.

As your trusted companion I strongly suggest you process this expansive flow of energy via my space first. That way together we can integrate new pathways of awareness from your deepest point. This will better serve to attract love and peace during this transformation.

Your mental telepathy needs the chance to adapt and be nurtured in our spiritual signature. This will empower both of us to trust in a new self realised way.

Please know I am always here to Balance All things through Purity and Love. Oh and the things you thought to bury within me are now only clutter so don’t be afraid. We can disperse that together on your way in.

Your Loving Trusted Companion

– Heart.”

This is a vital message to consciously be aware of the importance to process new light frequencies that are flowing into our world.

The heart has incredible depths in its ability to process your transformation, its the key to your front door so to speak. 

Telepathy is an important ingredient to humanities evolution, yet if used without clear steady guidance. Personal life changes can become dramatically distorted or worse go completely unnoticed. 

If this Gift enters your life in full force, often people can become over-sensitive with this new form of connection, taking the worlds illusions and demands way too seriously. In the wrong hands it can become an exchange of manipulating energy or heightened ego in falsified power.

This powerful source of connection is mirroring through the internet or social media. It has the power to do great good or negatively control. 

So imagine your mentality is growing in its capacity like a large computer system. But remember to charge it with the sacred flow of Heart, first – always Heart first. 

Heart has a tone or symbol that is unique to your individualised truth, she will help you read truth behind illusion via thoughts in and around your growing world.

* With intention at least once a day (possibly with your favourite crystal), plug in by bringing your FULL focus into the space of your heart. Breath, feel, shed a tear, bring a smile, no judgements here. Be in gratitude for this grand experiment you have gifted yourself. Know that each time you come home, you activate and release in honour of this new expansed version of yourself you are now becoming.

Crystal best for your support – Charoite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite,  Clear Calcite, (or simply your favourite)

Love and Blessings