We all recognise the ever-present cycles of change, its the one inevitable cause and effect of all living things. While the topic of death and rebirth can branch into many directions, this blog offers a different understanding on closure of the human life cycle. 

Early this year through several consultations, I received a very clear impression on this subject. Clients with emotional trauma around loosing a parent or child were coming in for insight on closure. In the readings they were guided to open their hearts to receive a Gift from their recently deceased loved one.

I observed a period of time where a channel/connection to the heart interacts between the living person and the soul crossing over. To be exact; the soul is just commencing the ascension process so departing from the physical plane yet not completely final. This stage of the passage has a frequency unique for transferring an energetic exchange. It not only brings favourable rights to the loved one still living. But also assists the soul to bring finality to the ending of their life cycle through joy, acceptance and a loving exchange.

Ive come to understand the events of this stage of death is highly relevant yet not explored enough in society. This not only assists them to be free, it also brings blessings to those open to receive whats offered. ‘Letting go’ in a powerfully refined way enables the soul to be complete. Our spiritual response and intentions are part of this incredible process. The more we become intuitively available to this exchange, the easier it is for loved ones to reorientate another version of their creation. Also the grieving process evolves so that pain and grief is not the binding energy that detracts from this blessed moment of release. 

Our ancestors created an emphasis on family inheritance and wills, as the material world has dominated the human psyche. This is a physical mirroring of whats playing out on a far deeper level.

An in-tune person may draw in this Gift and manifest it to enhancement their world, its all about the balance of exchange. If its true in the heart it will flow through with ease. For one client it was to radiate her personal power into the field of her business which to that point had been lacking. Another client chose to pass on a clearer focus of life to her son, a free will choice that was from the heart as her mother (deceased) had a strong connection to her grandson.

Normally the soul has vital wisdom that was relevant to their life’s learning, which can also play out through linage in some form. Once they have passed on this light, a realisation is mutually accepted for a rebirth can take place for the living and the dying. Most often when souls linger on the earth plane (resist crossing over), it is due to an incompletion of experience. They seek to reconcile this as its the greatest death and rebirth cycle initiative before finalisation.

Human history developed a collective pattern to fear this unseen passage of death. Tainted by the many wrong doings that were punishable by death, no wonder solum rituals and impersonal religious ceremonies were created. The age of Aquarius will break the chains of old despair so that we celebrate in faith this amazing mystery.

Hidden behind the veils of fear was a vital truth that when anything experiences a death there’s a forward movement towards rebirth. We are travelling through this cycle our entire lives in so many ways; relationships, homes, countries, careers. In hope that our evolutionary process is all we intended when we wrote the script.

While emotional release is a necessary part of the healing process, particularly for those who have had a loss. A deeper knowledge of this cycle can bring spiritual finality to all concerned both living and dying. It will keep a heart open and in joyful celebration for the great journey that we all inevitably undertake.

In gratitude of spirit for this material.