Colour Interpretations

Colour brings support and healing often without us realising. People are drawn to particular colours to serve a purpose, our moods create the colours we wear (see below why), or intuitively what we need to eat. We utilise colour in life in many ways; this is your guidance system in perfect working order.

Colour vibration is simply a representation of source energy or spiritual essence. Coming to us bringing many new allowances like comfort, balance or change. They may cut through resistance or stagnation, bring warmth or coolness when needed emotionally and mentally. Often working on a deep soul level, enveloping the heart in love and nurturing, or shifting a sluggish digestive system caused by boredom or low vitality.

Visualising these colours and incorporating them in everyday life, brings that energy into expansion. Visualise the colour that has introduced itself to you, breath it in and acknowledge its presence, it will serve you accordingly as it is a gift for self healing, a colour rays from creation!

Red: Red is a physical and energetic colour of change, releasing the attachment of fear, stimulating your physical essence to rise to the challenge of change in life; this is a re-birthing process stimulating the soul. Grounding comfortably into the physical with this colour is an important step towards necessary movement, it positions a person into the ‘now’. Lifts fear of the unknown and moves boredom. Energizing new beginnings, helping to release addictive patterns. It is an activation point for the soul in the ‘BIRTHING of new’

Orange: The Physical colour for vitality warming, creative, raises the vibration for the will and desire for living life to the fullest, bringing passion and enthusiasm to a tired existence. Stimulates the digestive system and sexual expression. There is no room for mundane when this colour is introduced for healing. To work with this colour on a deeper level can bring understanding to all that is in question. Brings UNDERSTANDING to the soul.

Yellow: A Physical colour that addresses mental activity. Also a central colour for knowing oneself, therefore getting in touch with the truthful function of personal power. The true reality about where we are at and our position in the world, bringing opinions and beliefs into alignment. A soul purpose of IDENTIFYING the self.

Pink: Emotional healer bringing Love to the physical body, warming, nurturing, represents the feminine aspects of love at the heart. Provides the soft approach in understanding the expression of love in our human world, showing kindness to the self, helps to forgive in many situations including self forgiveness. It identifies EMOTION to the soul.

Green: Emotional comfort and deep healer of the Heart is the work of green. Also a grounding connection to mother earth, teaching self reliance & respect of the self including spiritual enlightenment. Good for nervous & digestive systems, frees fears of new territory, letting go of that which is know-longer needed. A versatile all purpose healer, mixing cool & warmth. Green brings KNOWLEDGE to deep levels of the soul!

Blue: A versatile colour for communication & love. Cooling the body system allowing exchange of information to take place between mind, body and spirit. It is a facilitator for movement of information, helps us to heal our own body system. With the assistance of blue we can talk to our organs to connect all knowing. Emotionally stabilizing in its cooling vibration. Blue brings CLARITY to the soul.

Purple/Indigo: A colour vibration of higher thoughts relating to spiritual enlightenment & clairvoyance, opening the third eye. A cooling energy important for the mental relevance to spirit. Stimulates vision & imagination to the higher realm. The soul aspires to this colour in WISDOM and SERVICE.

Silver: Female energy the YING of creation bringing balance of the feminine energy system.  Relaxes the heart in the flow of self love and the love of all things. Silver is recognition of feminine empowerment. Brings balance to excessive masculine vibration, often limited in emotion & communication. Soul aspect is of COMPLETION.

Gold: Male energy the YANG. Helps find the inner beauty & highest potential in self. Relieves nightmares. Introduces unconditional love and the desire to know spirit and grow in this reality. Used to balance the masculine. Soul aspect is MASTERY

White: The colour white is a protective energy containing ALL colours, shows the power of our own thoughts and the release of fear. White helps us transform the shadows of fear into the reality of love. Helps in the UNFOLDMENT of the interpretation of the Soul.

Clear: This (like black & white) contains all colours, it brings clearer vision of truth and purification. It is an expanding energy that will amplify and align higher thoughts and feelings. It assists in holding light within the body accepting life more peacefully. Great for calming overactive energy within the mind, on a soul level it represents CREATION and opening up of all that is!

Black: Black is a powerful change facilitator, it is at the beginning of new alignments to assist with blockage or defiance within. Grounding a person to be all they can be within themselves and life. Bringing conviction, cutting through stagnation or resistance particularly in healing. Never listen to the idea that black is the colour of lowered energy; it is a colour that holds all colours in its rays – creating ONENESS within the soul.