Not a very cheerful card for the month of November but I do feel its here to get your attention and intentions set. The 3 of Swords ask us to commit whole heartedly to the journey that is before us. Selected through a request to seek where our learning is throughout this month, not only as a collective but also as a sovereign soul being. Notice the swords facing down towards the water (water being emotions). In this month, emotions run high so trust and self assurance in your emotional barometer needs harnessing.

Last months card; the Universe Major Arcana mirrored the planetary call of awakening to a higher wisdom. Now the 3 of Swords seeks to resolve and dissolve any emotional residue that may of caught us in a web of patterned behavioural responses between each other or between our innate selves. The journey of the spiritual warrior represents the path of true feelings and the desire for universal oneness of Love. The three energy in this card represents self expression and collaboration through like minded communications (or the lack of).

So many people awakening feel the fear and pain of the collective consciousness and its unrest about the old construct that is now fractured beyond repair. What was once the normal way of existence is at the edge of a reform that most cannot comprehend. Yet it is time to awaken from the slumber of complacency. The future rests in courageous individual human beings that have a deep passion in their hearts for earth change. 

Whenever possible remind your whole self to face forward into the future each day of this month. Even though it may be unknown, this is not the time to be looking back to the way things were for a gauge. Vibrationally speaking its a month of ‘Out with the Old and in with the New’. Through our feeling/emotional body first, along with the channels of emotions that have entwine us with ALL of our history, this ‘cleaning house’ will clear your pathway into new lighter horizons.

Happy re-set!