Septembers Tarot card is the 7 of Wands, displaying a creative ‘doing’ energy. A form of creativity that deepens the focus on personal values. There are natural forces at work that elevate a high mental shift. Retracting from this energy would compound fear, mental burnout or outbursts. Reflecting upon last months Tarot being the Death Card 13, only highlights the intensity of this turning point.

This is a month that challenges the status quo on a very personal level, a time to be clear minded in all matters of principals and individual thoughts. The danger actually lies in doing nothing amidst a time thats desperate for positive new approaches. To appease or ignore what needs to be brought to light, undermines the importance of individual roles we currently play. This tarot card holds ‘7’ energy, its all about stepping up to learn through ‘the experiencing’ through freewill. Rather than sitting on the sideline playing by old rules of complacency.

We will see glimpses of a collective mental reorganising out of the quagmire. Anchoring new ideas requires disciplining any scattered mental energy. In other words gather your thoughts, speak your truth, rise with this heightened sense of awareness to create love not war. The challenge here is to step out of your comfort zone and take some healthy life changing risks, a self assured stand for your own truth to shine forward.

As freewill beings on this planet its up to us individually to choose a true path to follow. These are unchartered waters, the stakes are high as are the risks we need to take to empower a bright future. This message isn’t just reflective of the world stage. It also captures the very essence of how we want to live every single day. What impact do other peoples judgements have in the choices and decisions yet to be made? Zero is a perfect condition for the 7 of wands to courageously play its role in your world.

“I am I and you are you, if by chance we meet its beautiful”

Photo image: 7 of wands, Llewellyn tarot