This Earthly experience has many new challenges this year, everything has the potential to surface into the light. Courageous keepers of the light recognise this much needed cycle towards higher human consciousness. Identified as the a great initiation, the beginning of the gold age, or the breaking down of duality consciousness. All interpretations speak of a calling to reach for a deeper truth. If your reading my quirky little blogs, you are one of these spiritual truth seekers that have a knowingness of the door in which to enter. We all have a rite of passage to walk through into new horizons if we choose.

This blog has a really simple message that has arisen in most readings since the corona virus; Ground your spiritual developments through cleansing the lower chakras. Continued transformation deserves a clean house, a vital clear essence without stored fear, and a resetting of old programs often buried in these overlooked energy centres.

Life’s current setting can potentially keep these chakra points under unhealthy resistance; lower survival instincts, victimhood, caught in others fear based energy fields (a big one), replaying old beliefs around lifestyle attachments. Reset reset reset…. make space for new potentials steaming into the atmosphere and your consciousness. This is a phase of becoming up-close and personal with your ‘I AM presence’, your divine presence calls for focused intent, to reside within the physical expression in a more stabilise way. A transitional exercise out of duality!

As above so below – stand apart from whats playing out around you and become the wise observer. This is a time of the ‘void’ a transition between two realities. Meaning we are not where we once were, nor are we familiar as to where we are going. Therefore inner stillness and trust is the best practise amidst continued chaos. 

Project this inner knowing into your personal atmosphere. Rather than absorbing the outer world only to loose track of your innate radiant light. Your lower chakras are a vital key to this courageous charge forward. Its important to identify these chakras in their highest aspects, they send vital signals to the heart to fulfil purpose and meaning in this physical reality. 

Mother Earth is plentiful with spiritual beings here to assist in grounding higher developments, after all her experience is ours, as ours is hers. She has much on offer to bring spiritual magnification into the human experience. ANIMAL SPIRITS is one of her gifts, so tune-in and you may be surprised by your guest. Pathways are simple when all energy systems in the body light up and synchronise.

The ancient ones drew their reflections into the star systems so long ago as a symbol of transformation and knowledge. Its unfortunate that we only look up in the spiritual quest, in a way its an eco of human history to neglected the great earth spirit and her bounty that has suffered through this age of materialism.

This blog is cultivated through the energy of Tigers Eye, a perfect crystalline reference for what we all need right now. Though I am using this frequency to write with today, there is also the black beauties of the mineral world here to support the lower energy systems like Smokey Quartz, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, all grounding clearing energies. 

Not to mention Turquoise who’s purpose is to assist humanity to embrace the frequency of Earths position in the universe. Here are their co-creating animal spirits in order: Bull, Crocodile, Ram, Shark, and Bear, are you seeing a strong energy pattern running here? Who wouldn’t want them on our side right now!

It takes tremendous courage to be holistically present through these times. Patterning through bloodlines has brought us division and confusion to unravel. Clearing these energy centres speaks to the bodies system through a higher source of YOU, of the Joy in remembering and the courage to ground and heal. Call on your intuitive spirit, request an animal spirit come into your world for divine guidance. 

Tigers Eye’s animal companion the Bull, is a courageous spirit that fosters stability, to build upon change in a resourceful sustainable way. The presence of Tigers Eye grounds personal power into active assertion. The most affective way this happens is through the lower energy centres. The serpent rises (kundalini) from the base chakra where there is no fear or limitation.

The choice is ours to ‘re-act’ or ‘act’ through these delicate times where our freewill is being put to a great test. Focusing your intent to this inner world brings unconscious patterns and addictions into the light of awareness to resolve and transform wholly. The truth sets us free….

As most of these crystalline energies contain the black ray for colour healing. Go here for further information on the black colour ray meaning: