The month of August delivers a powerful card for change with the Death Card (13) a Major Arcana in the Tarot. Sorry guys don’t shoot the messenger, once again we are reminded of the full brunt of this transformation on a very big global scale. Yet the Death Card comes to reveal itself under a different light.

Just to remind you all, the card revealed represents the collective consciousness. Which also accounts for the individual pathways and actions we take in our own unique oneness, a contribution towards the whole.

The message; keep things REAL. I know we are used to planning and forward projecting, but simply go with the flow. The key word for the month is ‘being’, surrender and allow life to unfold. The forces of the Death Card reminds us that this passage of time will take care of itself. Look deeply into the card, see the 4 dogs, 2 looking back, 2 looking forward, what was and what will be, a sense of uncertainty for the weary travellers!! The master of Death moves forward irrespectively.

For a time, know you are within this great movement of ‘initiation’. Its always a requirement for rebirth. Stabilise and centre your energy regularly, do your inner work, cleansing and detoxing is also perfect right now.

Higher subtle frequencies flow through the atmosphere this month. Challenging; duality, imbalance, over fuelled ego, whatever external wilfulness that keeps a grip on outside influences. A continuation of breaking down the distractions that have kept humanity from inner spiritual empowerment. This is why we should actually be grateful for the symbolic power behind the Death Card in these times.

For the advanced spiritual warriors, do some meditations on your RNA/DNA, bath your visions with blue and silver light streams. 

Through these spiritual practises, telepathy will naturally evolve as we move through the awakening process. Be wary though, at present we are swimming in the murky waters of death and rebirth. Be super clear that your frequency remains high as we move into studying and reconnecting with other timelines we have travelled as courageous old souls. All presented in divine perfection when the moment is right…  “I am that and that I am.”