The sunny disposition of this card inspires confidence, with new innovations and creative free thinking ideas, a happy burst of enthusiasm. Generally a card expressing the impulse towards positive forward movement. But we must take a look at both aspects of this card due to the current struggles the world has in maintaining balance and flow.

Notice the healthy new growth on the branch supported by a hand from the heavens. Yet in the distance theres established buildings. This card is an offer, of creative self empowered initiative that arises through individualised connection with spirit. 

If we overlook this offer (freewill; and some of us will), it shadows into limited perception of how to move forward from here, choosing to play safe in conventional ‘sheep following’ protocol from the established buildings in the distance. This creates a slow development and spiritual lethargy.

To live wholly in the optimism of this message, make an agreement with yourself this month by committing to at least one new plan/idea thats unique to you. Let it be a seed you nourish, symbolic of better things to come. Its not just a simple action, it also stirs your heart into personal power, moving fearlessly forward to manifest with intention in small but important ways.

“I fearlessly act through Love, Wisdom & Power”.