The Wheel of Fortune – a herald for change. In the Tarot it is a Major Arcana the game changer. This is the expression for the month of June, its number is 10 which symbolises God or the higher authority over Earth.

June will focus attention to new visions that hold greater potential, an urge to release attachments to old perceptions of how we’ve recognised comfort to this point. This turning wheel urges ‘keep up because life delivers anyway’.

A shift in Emotional Truth is reseting, firstly by recognising emotional triggers that have been playing out; are they birthed by fear of the unknown? A new ‘sense’ within encourages you to recognise new discernments breaking to the surface. The planets are aligned to a force toward irreversible change. What really FEELS… right and just? This is the gift of June, so that were not left standing wondering whats going on…

If you recognise repetitive patterns in behaviour, thats great, its a sign of surfacing to release and leave behind. How we conduct ourselves individually today will shape our tomorrow as a whole. Freewill has never held so much consequence as it does in 2020. Stabilising emotional responses is critical in this transition.

Notice the stars in this card surrounding the ladies head (look to the night skies and indorse the celestial heavens in motion).There are potentials rising in this Tarot Card encouraging us to put our best foot forward in this changing global stage. Things that were previously hidden are revealed to act upon with high intelligence. 

The wheel represents the cycles in life that deliver change for goodness or darkness equally present playing a role – higher spiritual will or outdated lower mental activity. The choice is ours as is the consequences of these choices that bring order through unexpected equalisation.

The energy of June is a game changer and will carry over in the coming months ahead, marking a beginning of planning and how best to move in a new direction. Like the ocean tides that rise and fall, this is a month that brings a cause and affect to every action. Expect the unexpected as fate ramps up this next cycle into the future. 

‘A world surrounded in Love unites so that Truth may rise.’