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The Sacred Sun

“One morning as I basked in a warm early sunrise a beautiful spirit being presented, asking that I journey with her to a place of remembrance.

Together through a current of history, we came to a place outside of perceived time, she called this Shambala. Not of Earth in a way I would imagine, yet part of a key to earth’s creation. A place of divine healing powers and heavenly connection. Expressed in such beauty of natural living elements. To me it seemed an idyllic expression of earth in its highest potential of Creation, Love and Compassion.

My soul wept deeply for longing as I was guided through this utopian existence, I sensed the welcoming of all living things so profoundly. This experience gave me a sense of peace to be truly present here. She lovingly held my hand asking that I look through another portal to ‘see, feel and go beyond’, for I had come here to see beyond the veil of my human experience.

Through a portal of light, another Sun shone towards me, another vista beyond. I was told this was the Centre of all Sun’s, the time has come for Earth’s Sun to radiate more in this higher frequency.

This lady of the light asked that I restore my faith in the Earth and its Sun by remembering. She asked that each day I give thanks for suns rise and fall, as it now brings new potential beyond the imaginings of man. Breath it into your fabric of being in this human expression, as it now sustains a new foundation for earth and humanity”.

Notice the magnificent connection to Solar Plexus (where personal courage, connection and truths grow) – to the Earths Evolving Sun – through to the Great Sun of many Suns. There is a place along these energy pathways, that is a spiritual home for each of us before this earthly experience. It is individual for us all, yet resides somewhere between these outer planes of existence, while your solar plexus maintains this connecting thread.

Your solar connection is a unique channel of your own divine history. We are now able to tap into to this self realising state. Inviting you to clear old set beliefs through lifetimes spent in this earth existence. We’ve been conditioned to ‘pay our dues’ and stay in search of problem solving past events. Spirit self longs for this pristine remembrance, to connection back to the colour rays that lead you here to simply experience so long ago.

These colourful light filled vistas are having an evolutionary leap forward and you are a part of this dance of energy. Our awareness is being called to connect and charge these channels in gratitude through the Sun’s power to enhance this transmission. In a way it is our response that assists in charging a new vibration in all of existence, this will further expand these blessed paths.

*This interpretation of the energy streams that have opened from the Great Spirit, God, Ra, Creator, Father, whatever name triggers your truth to divine; Is communicated in a way that opens different receptors for process within, so that you may simply Visualise and Feel the power behind a freed pure heart intention. Without training, learned old patterns or ego expressing a demand to out think.

PS: Also let us not forget the suns reflective energy via the beauty of our moons powerful cycles!

Thank you to All who participate in receiving this flow of information!

In Gratitude Gai