Reading Session

Your Reading Session

Please note: You are welcome to record your session for your future self to hear. It is advised to replenish the body with plenty of pure drinking water. This is also a change-facilitating element that supports elevating your consciousness.

About Reading Session

Reading sessions are enjoyed in the office at Maleny, online, phone or emailed at your convenience wherever you may be around the world, as spirit and energy are always fluid. Each reading is unique and insightful, and evokes healing on very deep levels. We will be tuning in to what the heart desires for your inner and outer worlds.

Yes, it will be different from other psychic readings you have experienced!

These days, there’s a difference between the wishes of your mind and the strong, inner calling of your higher self. Connecting to your divine will is a vital part of weaving the creation of everyone’s life path. Therefore, instead of the age-old request, “Tell me my future”, the ungraded version of self asks, “Assist me to empower my world so that I can witness what I truly desire to create”.

During a reading – depending on your sensitivity – you may experience sensations of a new flow of energy into limited areas often located in and around the spine. Some people become tired or have a heightened sense of feelings through words that are exchanged. The energy between this union differs greatly, as each person is creating their own unique signature within their life span. Most importantly, spirit blesses you with renewed understanding of unconditional truth and love, as truth always leads to love without limitation or condition.

For each person who comes, you will be called through your own soul’s intent to grow. A knowingness exists in the desire for enrichment from the divine spiritual beings that present. They are here to honour us by opening new pathways of self realisation and ascension.

Gai facilitates movement between the higher realms and this current reality in order to ground healing energy on the client’s behalf.

Whether your appointment is in person or online, spiritual healing and insights of future direction can be received at the levels needed to uplift pathways. Often we carry burdens in a patterned and repetitive way without fully realising the deficiency of this limitation. After a session, you may feel light and recharged, as this work releases that which is often difficult to heal within oneself.