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Gai facilitates movement between the higher realms and this current reality in order to ground healing energy on the client’s behalf.

Gai’s spiritual healing’s have transformed my life. With her unique abilities to combine channelled guidance blended with personalised programming of crystal vibrations and activation of colour healing energies – her healing’s are one of a kind. These healing’s allow me to feel as if I am watching my life being acted out on stage in a play – everything unfolds perfectly with divine flow. I have grown so much on a soul level since my initial healing with Gai. At the time I was going through a particular rough stage in my life, then after my healing I was able to overcome what was holding me back and move forward with confidence and inner power. I feel so blessed to have tapped into something so unique and wonderful. Gai’s spiritual healing’s have allowed me to grow, transform and to move forward in my life, fearlessly, with the inner knowing that I have the power to do or be anything I want to.


To Gai, Gai of the Tarot, Gai of the Crystals, Gai of the Spirit, Gai of warm Heart. Guided from the spirits, carry their caring into those thirsty for Healing and Love. Thank you.


Gai is a wonderful healer and medium. She works with vibrations in a bottle and light beings, showing deep insight about the client. Every word that she was channelling and saying to me was full of Love and perfectly resonating with the deepest part of me. Every drop of her perfectly mixed ‘potion’ that I take each day is bliss in my body, mind and soul. Everything seems to go into place beyond description! The shift in me that I got from it is one of the deepest I have ever had. I can’t wait to see her again.


Poem for Gai:
You are my friend from beyond,
You guide me gently through light and dark,
Your words are power, truth and love,
Infinity is your sign…
I am grateful for all you gave me,
My rewards are mortal and shy,
Forever your friend, indebted with love,
I hope for many years to come,
To see your bright light shine.


When I was first introduced to gai’s work I took her drops and i could feel them working. Why put myself and my health through unnecessary stress. Gai has a gift and an incredible amount of knowledge with crystals and their natural universal powers. She has helped my husband learn to express and speak about his emotions and to learn to have fun not just be the hunter. My son Cody has autism and the changes in his ability to manage his feelings and stress levels has improved beyond our dreams. My daughter seems to be finding direction and belief in herself way before her time. We are just blessed that a chance meeting one day led us to Gai. We would highly recommend her to anyone and we do.

Kerri Wyatt

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