Heart Healing with Lotus Energy

This blog is a guided meditation, instruction for activating the deep sacred place within the heart.

Often in vibrational aspects of the heart, there is a store house of emotional wounds. This is a protective pattern through the ages of fear in repeating old patterns or hurts.

When we have surges of enlightenment, these stored feelings surface, simply to process a release. Yet often fears around facing these old shadowy stories block the flow to heal and deepen the loving relationship with self. Its in this divine place that you meet your spiritual initiation that brings flow and bliss. To trust that the heart leads the true path, in which we must follow.

In the past humans have been clever enough (not really) to hide these hurts from self awareness. So here’s some tools to bypass any previous patterned distractions. Its always a good idea to ask your ‘all knowing self’ to clear ALL seen and unseen patterns of confusion or despair, to disable any trickery. In this healing meditation we are speaking to ‘the sacred space of the heart’.

Tools for your I_M_A_G_I_N_A_T_I_O_N:

  • The power of intent to follow where your perception takes you within your individualised meditation process.
  • The Lotus Lilly; a spiritual wellspring used to release emotional limitation or entrapment, release attachments to people or places, for enlightenment, initiation and renewal. Opening the inner all knowing eye!
  • Vibrational frequency of pink; the nurturing qualities of mother (yin) – brings feelings of nurturing and comforting, while releasing deeply that which is not of your hearts true desires. Her power will remove all that is hidden which denies love and trust.
  • Gold; the angelic power of the heavens to lighten your pathway, supporting you highest potential  in self creation, to step forward fearlessly in your own  unique creation.


Sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your body and the natural rhythm of the breath which life has provided. “Thank you body, for allowing me to synchronise with your rhythm, thank you for supporting my journey through my inner and outer worlds”

Now draw your attention above your head, a Lotus Lilly hovers above the crown, pink in colour. Notice its movement, that it has a rhythm that mirrors your every breath.

As your breath deepens allow a pink cloud from the lotus to drift down, moving slowly with each inhaling breath. Through the cranial space – behind the eyes – expanding the throat, then the lungs. Take time with this process.

Knowing that the lungs have a relationship with the mind, allow this soothing pink energy to release limitations for expantion, to make way for gratitude. FEEL GRATITUDE…

Imagine the doorway to your heart (be your own kind of creative), move this pink flow in through the doorway to receive, into this beautiful open space. This is your sanctuary, billowing with a white soft energy and an open feeling of safety.

Give thanks to the pink vibration that was birthed from Lotus energy. Allow her to powerfully charge healing the way her spirit knows how.  Lovingly supporting your courage to heal and initiate while you are here within your sacred space.

See a beautiful pathway spread out before you, embellished with golden sacred symbols within and along the path as far as the eye can see. At your will, design the space around your pathway however you wish to fashion it. Eg; Amongst nature, birds, flowing streams, ocean and its creatures or whatever encourages you to be open hearted at this moment of healing.

Observe your entire body during this process of healing, at this moment you are being the observer of your own making. FEEL GRATITUDE…

As this healing draws to an end, see yourself within your heart space once more. Know that this place holds the key to many new ways to look upon yourself. That the universal powers have delivered a new atmosphere and a new sun rays energy here on earth. This allows you to go beyond your patterned bloodline. TRUST!

Thank yourself for having the spiritual will to heal and remember, you are now open to change in a healthy and loving way. Come back to your breath and body, grounding your awareness by writing anything you wish to remember for your next visit.

And So It Is.

* Vibrational Crystal Remedy companion: Pink Tourmaline

Blessings to you and enjoy your journey!

Gai Christine