A Message from Amethyst

If your pathway is taking the inner journey of discovery lately, a great travel companion is Amethyst. She steadies the mind from the external clutter of your outer world. She’s a ‘lets go within’ friend, its all about breaking down hidden walls.

Im going to begin this blog like most of my readings…. Deep!! Then finish with the human conditions Amethyst can heal. Sorry this Blog is long but its for a good reason. The more you read the deeper you will travel within your souls essence.

The dualistic nature of being human often gets us caught up in the drama. Our Yang instincts and inherent patterns maintain a steady course in survival mode. Amethyst can work with you in this evolutionary time of renewal, to charge Yin energy powerfully into action through the depths of IMAGINATION. Why not deepen the connection with divine self, while the world whirls up a storm around.

Today I write this blog in the presence of a beautiful Amethyst Sphere which made it possible to channel the information here (picture above), amazingly from my computer screen. Lia Scallion www.soundsofsirius.com has kindly allowed me to use this photograph, so feel free to gaze into the portal of her beauty. Lia is the custodian of this 28 kilo Amethyst Sphere among many other beautiful crystalline specimens so check out her website. 

On this occasion I use myself as the guinea pig so to speak, I hope that in doing so. This will provided you the reader, the potential to do the same. Remembering all crystals are beings of light in colour vibration and form. Her being presents to my left side (behind) penetrating within my heart space instantly.

A gentle prodding, shifting my energy a different way. Im shown an unfamiliar space and a push to deepen into the feminine creation (be vulnerable eek). She draws me towards this hidden pathway within myself bathing the forward motion in a deep purple. 

To this point I have not accepted this choice along my designed journey, hidden from view by my own doing. A nervousness is felt as I sense this truth. As a healer its simple to heal others but not so easy to heal self.

The restrictions that I have previously patterned are haunting (lifetimes). Limitations held through fear and vulnerability in simply being seen and heard is guarded by a strong sense of annihilation. This is my block she draws her loving radiance towards. This location; heart, left shoulder and upper spine is flooded with colour rays she spreads into my vision.

*I note that through this process of channelling my immediate response without thinking is to heat the body. Inflammatory conditions have been a physical weakness for me through many times of transformation and change. As if to guard against the unknowable, driven by emotions via the nervous system. A light bulb moment, remembering its difficult to heal ones self with underlying camouflages we create….

For me and possibly you the reader; this is a challenging time to step into deep unexplored emotions in a seemingly more vulnerable way (or so it seems at the edge of inner discovery). She explains that channelling higher energy through her frequency into my bodies earthing/basing. Opens up hidden intelligence into the bodies structure. Like cleaning out plumbing pipes that have been obscured from view. I place another Amethyst crystal at my feet to accept the grounding activation of this work. My digestive system also indicates change in the coming days, as I continue this healing visualisation.

She speaks of an individuals ability to transmute her (Amethysts) colour frequencies, allowing a shade of the purple ray to be selected for desired healing needs. So focus on a location (see below possible areas) and be guided by her to transform the colour shade into your imaging,TRUST. 

For me it is a deep indigo for the above mentioned emotional heart work. Her ability to transmute her colour rays in this way is useful as we are all unique in how we bring spiritual knowledge into our own unique framework. 

This colour may change and reform on a given day as you work closely with this colour formation. Eg; indigo, violet, pale or deep purple and subtle hues of these colour shades. It sounds so simple or maybe unnecessary, yet its like putting the right key in the appropriate door lock… Plus you witness your own empowering healing process that YOU activate!

Of late my guides have been shifting clients gravitational pull, previous New Age information around grounding no longer serves. They are encouraging us to alter these outdated perceptions that create density in the energy fields. It can be detrimental to the progress of a souls quest. 

Amethyst will support this new perception of grounding and intern be more spiritually available in your energetic make up. So ask for the appropriate grounding for your individualised sovereignty. Ever seem repeating numbers throughout your day? Consider this the pulse of your Divine Self calling for your next upgrade. Its time to receive a rebooting of a higher wisdom around this subject. 

Anyone who’s inner world has seen neglect, will be susceptible to a variety of experiences that result in halting life’s flow in order to go within. Usually they are situations or events that create unsettlement or imbalance, what else is going to get your attention right!!

This crystal can be placed at most energy centres supporting the nervous system, stomach imbalances, sleep disturbances, relieves the affects of negative environmental energy and calms an over active mind. These are all symptoms of shifting frequencies and the vulnerability that it often causes. Unfortunately most of these conditions can distract from the real nature of a spiritual process that may currently be underway.  

As a stone, Amethyst can be placed at the soles of the feet to access/ground your higher spiritual frequency into the bodies flow. Therefore activating pathways that lead to higher realms of your existence. This is so important for being spiritually present within the body!

The breathe is also a vital tool for this meditative healing practise, visualising the colour rays inherent within this beings crystalline structure (Amethyst); Purple, Red, and Black Rays are the colour frequencies held within her. 

*See Blog on Colour Interpretation.

Simply draw these colour frequencies from the stone as you breath, allowing it to travel to weakened locations within the bodies system including the mind. This is a great exercise for self healing and the focus that is required.

Amethyst is also available in Liquid Crystalline formulas, blending with Gold or simply programmed to personalise and support the above healing work. Feel free to email me for more information. 

Blessings to your spiritual practise and human discoveries.

Gai Christine