A hint of something new to come in 2019

December is upon us now in full force, if this month was a metaphor I would liken her to our fairy godmother with her mystical wand showering light for renewal, she knows exactly what we need when sometimes we don’t! Our attention is called to focus on the opportunity to clean the very depths of our inner worlds (point of attraction being the heart) in preparation for the turn into 2019. The human soul knows of this depth, but can be resistant of what is unknown in its fullest force and potential power.

2018 certainly brought its changes and challenges for earth and its inhabitants. The skies are calling us to transform our limited perceptions about how this old world has been ticking. The Sun’s energy brings new transforming rays as 2019 will feed a sense of spiritual thirst and vitality. Since mid November my reading sessions have engaged peoples attention towards the significance of years end. I’ve had the opportunity to channel information that is organic and new to me in the way I am receiving (everybody needs to be open to something different). I believe this shows me to trust in how life continually unfolds its great mysteries, when we are ready the next veil lifts.

Its time to go within – let go! Even if you don’t understand what to let go of. Actually, get over the need to know everything!!! Your inner cyclic flow is deepening to release old baggage as timelines begin to merge. These parallel expressions of ones self swirl amidst an energy storm greater than we could humanly comprehend. History shows us that our global collective energy is at its peak at New Years Eve, as we charged our glasses to a prosperous coming year! Have we been practising for something bigger than our simple new years resolutions??? Is this a Galactic celebration….

This turnover year holds great power in its design to emerge consciousness on a grand scale, therefore those that walk the spiritually designed pathway will be releasing releasing releasing through the final month of December: Meditate with rhythm and tone, have a massage, throw out unused items, rearrange furniture, minimise, this helps shift energy, its shifting anyway so swim with the current, have a reading haha. Expect the unexpected, life will show you where your clearing/releasing needs the most focus.

In my healing work, I’ve recently been exchanging and transmitting energy from a collective spiritual circle called the white brotherhood. I believe this is one of several circles that hold portals or chasms of new energy coming to mother Earth and living beings. They are here to cradle and disperse new truths that heal and free us from rigid patterns and misplaced perception.

At this crossroad in time its no wonder the younger generation abbreviate our language, old judgements have been trapped in our language for centuries. Stimulate your thoughts with new words to express your creative pathways. Or at least truly see the words that hold misinterpretation or limitation, so that old energy can be released from the mind (this is cleaning house). If we are merging (which we are) with other versions of ourselves, words from the past or present can hurt and disrupt our vibrational antenna more than we realise. Like the flux of weather; words are powerful, steeped in sacred symbolism or embroiled with dark deeds from our disenchanted shadowy history that wound the comfort of ones soul.

I recently experienced a theft of my business sign, plus someone continually clearing out brochures I place at the entry of my office. It was clear they had negative opinions of the ‘evil’ workings of ‘clairvoyants, psychics, healers’. It really hurt deeply and I realised ‘my own stuff’ around this form of identity crisis dancing through my timelines. How people still to this day have the witch hunt and judgement running through their veins; what you don’t understand must be feared hence persecuted. Facing up to this type of emotional assault shifts old stored pain that I gladly see as a gift, despite the initial pain. These descriptive ‘words’ are tarnished by society that are flooded with disempowerment. Even used in a style of humour, it still expresses; ‘I don’t understand so I cannot trust, therefore I fear and push away’. Its time to flush out the fear and control behind many words.

Diamond is in high demand in the office this month, as she directs me to support the sacred heart centre, a beautiful time keeper that honours self acceptance and worthiness in this incarnated reality. She brings expansion so beautifully on many many levels. Bringing healing through brilliant light frequencies to overcome contraction and limitation. Keeping things buried deeply on an emotional level is getting harder to maintain so this habit needs dispersing. Old stories that may have gone unnoticed are rising for good reasons this month so simply observe knowing it rises for release. The old/new age spiritual perception of having to work hard to ‘fix’ ones self has no place for the new expanded energy that we are currently adapting to. When will we ever feel good enough to just live with ourselves in a loving unfolding way. We simply need to meet ourselves warts and all in gratitude.

The Humpback Whale is a vibrational companion to Diamond, noting whales ability to transmit messages on a galactic scale through the element of water, (water: imaginative, creative, intuitive, feminine, feelings transmitting deeper into higher consciousness). Whales recently guided me through meditation to a place of great gathering, a particular sacred location to them deep in a chasm of the pacific ocean floor. Their I watch as they collectively sent out their extraordinary tones that travelled beyond, where humans are yet to explore the outer reaches of the central sun. They assist to elevate and maintain a geometric language that we have been unable to hold until this point in evolution. Sacred sounds and language will continue to be a significant tool in the coming years to support and free humanities old mental construct that has kept us imprisoned.

Fire and Water – the powerful forces that forge a new beginning.

*What words do you recognised to be tainted by society that keep you from your Glory?

Write them down and place a Clear Quartz crystal over them. Thanking this beautiful vibrant crystalline being for releasing the misguiding codes and charging these words for you with truth and light!

Examples: contract, new age, right, wrong, success, promise, forever, deep, some birth names, male, female, human (wow really? yes)

Blessings to you in the unfolding of the new year.

Gai Christine xo