Readings through Skye or Phone - $100.00 for 1 hour

As a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Gai is able to connect distantly and provide information about your life purpose, provide support and guidance for life changes. As a healer she can tap into energy imbalances, emotional, mental or spiritual therefore create a spiritual healing.

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*Bookings online are subject to availability, normally between 1-7 working days from the time of booking. Please call directly if you have any further inquiries. Phone: 0423 505 662

Alchemy through Vibrational Healing & Remedies

The famous works of Carl Jung frequently raised the topic of Alchemy and Spirituality as being a way of ‘rising above’ circumstances that appear out of balance. His ‘outside the box’ approach instilled the importance of harmony in ALL through individual growth. Jung believed alchemy supported the transformation of the human psyche. Developing consciousness through alchemical processes empowers the individual and in turn can raise the vibrational levels of everyone they connect with.

The Gai’s mediumship to heal and transfer new energy is also supported with the Alchemy of Vibrational Remedies, a spiritual representation of various Metals, Minerals and Crystals along with colour frequencies. They are administered orally or rubbed into the skin for absorption over a 9 day course.

Gai personally prepares and programs each remedy. Her connection with the spirit realm charges each bottle with new energy. This is attuned to for clients highest awareness, allowing a powerful connection through the spiritual process of Alchemy.



1: Personalised Blended Remedy - $30.00

These remedy’s are for requesting assistance with specific personal issues and may bring support to energise, clear and cut ties, or improve inner balance. For any situation that is out of alignment which compromises well-being. Working with these beautiful vibrations support is given for the release of stress, heal past hurts, draw in love, encourage self belief, clear old mental patterns, improve sleep and dream state plus so much more…..

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2: Soul Purpose Remedy - $30.00

This formula is created to work closely with the vibration of your ‘first’ name, assisting to identify and align to the soul’s purpose, during preparation a colour vibration unique to your name is also programmed. Naming is a numerological symbol of identity in this lifetime. ‘Healing words’ are activated, identifying qualities and strengthening spiritual willpower towards self-love and acceptance. Information is provided.

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Frog energy supports new beginnings & emotional transformation in Love. Blending with the bodies water element & the sound of your favourite music - revealing a hidden beauty & creativity. Frog is a vibrational companion to Rhodonite Crystal Remedy

The easterly direction; a gravitation for change bringing new ventures. Healing these cyclic directions of life teaches acceptance of the natural order of life.


‘Where there is darkness let there be light’

  Gai Christine

  Montville & Maleny, Sunshine Coast Australia