What you will experience in an appointment...

Connection is available between physical reality & the realm of higher knowledge, this is unique to each client as we all have individual needs & levels of understanding. An interpretation of life events & future direction is provided.

As a spiritual channel & healer, Gai works energetically positioned between these levels of reality on the clients behalf.  Feeling & reading the souls aspirations. This process brings opportunity to transfer source energy, to embrace a deeper understanding. Similar to recharging a battery with light from the spiritual keepers who are here to lift our vibrations to Love & Grace.

This deepening within a person is where purpose & potential is created, the loving place within that is always truthfully seeking to discover more. A session feels light and elevating, or brings a form of relief. The sense of spiritual interaction is often realised, yet different for everyone.

This soulful centre is the core of human function, the part that intuitively directs a person to seek their realisation & reveal truths in life or themselves. To replenish, expand or find answers to resolve crossroads. Many powerful changes can be made in very subtle ways, this is a spiritual healers gift; to serve and support the growth of humanity.

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“Learn to be secretly happy within your heart in spite all circumstances, and say to yourself, happiness is the greatest divine birthright- the buried treasure of my soul.

I have found that I am secretly rich beyond the dreams of kings”.   Yoganandya

Vibrational Crystalline Remedy’s

A form of alchemy, holistically blended for mental focus, emotional stability and spiritual expansion. Administered orally in a liquid dose formula over a 9-day course.

Gai works with her guides with each remedy to reflect a clients needs. This becomes a positive imprint to challenge weakened areas, (a spiritual healing technique originating from ancient times).

Used in so many ways these remedies help to: release stress, heal past hurts, break old patterns, draw in love, aid insomnia, improve deeper dream-state, encourage self belief plus so much more that may be personal for you....

  You can order a remedy for specific needs or allow Gai to be guided to appropriate vibrations.

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  Gai Christine

  Montville & Maleny, Sunshine Coast Australia